What I can do for you

Rosie, mom to six kids has had Alzheimer’s for over 12 years. It’s been a journey. Some days we felt like we were dodging minefields before her morning coffee. Other days we passed around imaginary gold stars and medals of honor because Mom smiled, talked, and even got into the car with one of us. Or let us brush her hair.

Mom was my first teacher. Even now, with the plaque tangles invading her brain, she continues to teach me.

Let me share with you what I’ve learned.

Caregivers and Families

Need help navigating care options?

I want what’s best for your loved one and your family. I follow your lead.  Once I understand your needs we formulate a plan together to find the best care option for your loved one and family. Whether it be at home, live-in, hybrid, or a facility, I work for you.

Overwhelmed by not knowing what’s next?

What’s next is different for every family. They say, if you’ve met one Alzheimer’s patient, you’ve met one Alzheimer’s, patient. That said,

Having a family meeting and would like someone present who has been right where you are now?

I can help you prepare, facilitate, or serve as a resource during such a meeting. I wish we had someone like that for us 10-12 years ago-would’ve prevented a lot of stress.

Thinking of interviewing caregivers, but don’t even know what to ask? To look for?

Been there, done that! There’s a question bank I can give you.


Care Facilities

Are you a care facility and need ALZ or dementia-related training?

Let me show you a sample of what I can do for you! I am happy to sit down and discuss your unique needs and goals.

Do you need someone to facilitate support group meetings?

I’ve got a BSW.

Social work background+first hand experience = Priceless support