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My story

In 6th grade, I wrote these morbid love poems on my red World Geography folder. I’d go to the Arlington Heights Library and sit on the floor for hours searching for stories that spoke to me. Human stories have power. Power to heal. Power to hope. Power in the laughter that comes. Power in the tears that well. A simple Amen in your mind. Words on a page can become the window and mirror for a reader.

We are incredible beings. Everyone has a story that deserves to be told.

As a kid, the page was my therapy, a friend, a source of hope. Today, the page honors the lessons and love I have received from my mom. Throughout all of our lives, we hold memories in our heads and hearts. My mom worked all her life to create and cultivate memories for those she loved, only to have these memories become elusive once the amyloid plaque and tangles invade her brain.

My hope is that through this site ya’ll can find comfort, humor, and strength in the stories presented.



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