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Did I Do My Job Right As A Parent?

The way Mary found out about her middle son Wes going to jail was the worst possible way ever. She never really talked to Wes so she figured it was just 1 of his moments where he didn’t come around just to say “Hi” or to play with his little brother. She was always at work so she didn’t have time to do anything else other than sleep, but 1 day she decided to watch TV that night and she saw her son.  As a parent she must have been very heartbroken to find out that her son was arrested for murder and armed robbery. If I was in Mary’s shoes I would’ve felt that I didn’t do my job right as a parent. I say this because to not know that your son was in jail for 2 days would be very hurtful especially to find out through the television set. Through the lifestyles that Wes and Tony lived I don’t think that Mary did her job right as a parent.  I feel that Mary should’ve been in their life more and watched over them. I get that she had two jobs, but she could’ve took some time off to spend with them. As a parent of 2 young men living in a hood like environment , and always moving around a lot I see how she didn’t have much time to talk to them but she could’ve took a little time out to talk to them about mistakes. So to me I don’t really think that Mary did her job as a parent to raise her kid’s right. Do you agree with me?

Marvin Robertson

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