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Oprah  says “When you hear this story its going to turn the way you think about free willing fate upside down.So which is it …..freedom or determinism?I think it is both freedom and determinism.In the story both Wes’s took different path.The author choose to succeed  while the other one tried to go good, but didn’t know he would spend the rest of his life in jail.The other Wes Moore doesn’t have freedom anymore, but is determined to survive.The author Wes Moore is both determined and free-and will keep them forever.

They both lived on the same block,were the same race,had no father figure in their life,and had problems with the police.So where does fate comes in?  I think with Wes’s mom Joy,  made sure Wes didn’t go to jail- she sent him to military school so he could change his life around.  Mary (the other Wes mom) wanted Wes to not be like Tony by selling drug. Wes was in and out of jail.So where is Wes and Tony now?  Tony is dead but Wes is still in jail.

So what choices do people have with free will and  determinism?   Everyone has a choice it does depend on yourself on what you do with it.


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